The Islands of Siargao are still very virgin when it comes to diving. However they offer a plethora of spectacular dive sites for divers of all levels to explore and enjoy. From Cathedrals, Caves to amazing Corals and Sharks – an underwater world still to be explored.

Patrick’s Dive Team have identified around 30 dive sites for all levels of diving. These marked dive sites are only the tip of the iceberg and probably not even 5% of the vast under water world in and around Siargao Islands.

Dive and explore Siargao Islands at your own speed!  We will take you to the site or sites of your choice (weather permitting of course). Dive sites chosen for any particular day are determined by the experience levels and interests of the scuba divers aboard and the sea conditions. You don’t have to be a scuba diver to enjoy the diving trip! We cater to non-divers as well. Many of the dive spots are also ideal for snorkeling. We can also whisk you and your family off to visit other islands and beaches. Drinks and Food can be provided by Patrick’s. Just bring along some sunscreen and we will show you a great time.

| Scuba & Snorkeling Equipment Rentals |

You can bring your own diving gear or rent any of our first class diving  equipment at a very reasonable rate.

| Scuba Dive Rates|

Our prices are low and simple – 1 SINGLE TANK DIVE is ONLY P1800 (including all diving equipment). Dive boat expenses are charged according to location & length of dives. For Dive Packages and detailed rental pricing and/or special requests please contact us.

Our Siargao Dive Team would like to show you this wonderful underwater world and pamper you to one of the best dive experiences ever.