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What is the difference between Patrick’s on the Beach and Patrick’s on Cloud 9?
Patrick’s on the Beach is on a beautiful Beach overlooking the Pacific Ocean and several tropical Islands. All cottages have an Ocean View and our tour boats are parked up right on the beach ready to take you anytime to the surrounding islands and surf spots.
Patrick’s on Cloud 9 is about 100 meters away from the world famous Cloud 9 surf break. There is no beach scene on Cloud 9. Cloud 9 is mostly frequented by surfers from all around the world. However, you will find many great surfing spots right in front of Patrick’s on the Beach as well that are surrounded and protected by a several mile reef.
One charm that Patrick’s on Cloud 9 has is the beautiful tropical Garden setting that is home to hundreds of wild birds. Many bird watchers have come to appreciate the multitude of wild birds that can be seen there at all times, day and night. If you want the Beach and be close to General Luna town come to Patrick’s on the Beach and if you enjoy the surfing crowd and be right at the big wave Cloud 9 you stay at Patrick’s on Cloud 9. In case you like to enjoy both locations, well, stay a few days at Patrick’s on Cloud 9 and a few days at Patrick’s on the Beach. We provide a shuttle service on request to both places. The resorts are 4 km apart.

What is vibe like at Patrick’s on the Beach?

A cozy, intimate, informal resort where everything you might want to do is available, but no-one pushes anything. You have a spectacular Beach, with an amazing view to a surrounding reef and islands. You can constantly listen to the waves breaking on the reef.  A place to come and truly unwind and ‘decompress’ for a while! Over 60% of our guests are repeat visitors, probably because all our guests leave with renewed vigor and a sense of calm.

Do your cottages have ocean views?

Yes, 80% of our cottages are on the beach and have fabulous views. Each cottage has a large porch overlooking the ocean, the reef, surf and neighboring islands. The view from Patrick’s beach is simply spectacular.

Do you have a meal plan?

We  can offer a meal plan for groups or individuals. Our guests love to choose from our huge menu of a sumptuous selection of local and international dishes from 15 different countries. Every meal you enjoy a different experience. There is not a large selection of restaurants on the island and without any doubt Patrick’s is one of the best. If you are Vegetarian, Celiac, or Vegan, please let us know prior to your arrival so we can stock up on the supplies you need.

Is there air conditioning?

All cottages have air-con and fans. There are plenty of cool breezes. The temperature is 80 to 89°F (25 to 32°C) during the day, and 75 to 80°F (22 to 25°) at night. It can get a bit cooler at times especially during the raining season come December & January.

Do you have Free Wi-Fi?

We have Free WiFi throughout the entire property in all cottages. We actually have the fastest Internet speed on the Island due to our proximity to the ISP’s equipment. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi enabled device, we can also provide cable Ethernet access. If you travel light and are without your own lap top, you can rent one from our office or visit the internet cafe.

Is there TV or phone in the room?

We have no telephone land lines but we have cell phones serviced by Smart and Global. If you have no cell phone we’re glad to place your local or international calls for you with our cell phone or you may rent a cell phone or call from our computer via skype. Our cottages have cable TV where you can choose from many channels including HBO and major International channels like  BBC, Australian TV, Discovery Channel etc.

Do you have a swimming pool?

People love our two ocean pools that we dug out along our beautiful white sand beach, right in front of the cottages. The tide changes the water twice daily and you can swim and soak in our pool at any time.

What electrical plug pin-out do I need in the Philippines?

Voltage here is 220V, we do have adapters just in case you bring along your electric shaver or hairdryer (most people use the natural hair dryer – the breeze on the porch). The plug used in the Philippines  is a  class II ungrounded plug with two flat parallel prongs, See pic below:

Standard Philippine Plug


What currency should I bring?

The best money to bring is Philippine Pesos or US$ cash. Siargao is one of the few places left on Earth without an ATM Machine or Banking facilities — part of its unique character, we think! The closest bank with an ATM machine is in Surigao City (2-3hour ferry ride). However, No Worry! At Patrick’s, we exchange all currencies including US Traveler Checks. We even give cash advance on your credit card for a small fee.

What language do they speak on the island?

On Siargao they speak Siargaonen which is a dialect associated with Visyan the second main language after Tagalog. English is known by most locals but many are shy to speak it.

What about Driving around Siargao?

A valid driver’s license from another country is accepted. You must carry your license and your passport when driving. Driving is on the right hand side of the road. For short trips the most common and inexpensive transportation is by jeepney or by habal-habal (that is an extended motor bike). Siargao Island is huge about 452 sqkm. One side of the Island is fully paved from Del Carmen (airport) to Dapa and to General Luna all the way to Patrick’s on the Beach. From Dapa to General Luna it is about 16 km and from the airport to GL 40km . Traveling around Siargao is safe and lots of friendly people wherever you go. Some guests arrive with their own vehicle that can be shipped from Surigao to Dapa with Montenegro RoRo.

How safe is Siargao Island?

Siargao and surrounding Islands is probably the most peaceful part in the entire Philippines or Asia. People are extremely friendly and helpful. The local fellows like to drink at night at the local discos or Karaoke bars and can be rowdy with each other or get jealous over the girls.

Is there Dengue Fever or Malaria on Siargao Island?

There is no Malaria on Siargao Island. Dengue Fever is very seldom and to our knowledge, there are no known cases of any tourist having caught dengue fever.

Are there snakes and insects and other poisonous things?

There are no extremely poisonous snakes or dangerous animals in and around Siargao Island. There are crocs deep in the mangroves far over on the western side near Del Carmen.

How about Credit Cards?

To the delight of many visitors we at Patrick’s accept all major credit cards – Visa, Master Card, American Express etc. For a minimal fee we even give cash advance on your credit card.

What are the tipping conventions?

Tip at your discretion for drivers, guides, and restaurant servers. Tipping of course is highly appreciated especially from foreigners as Philippine people seldom tip. We recommend 5 to 10%

Will I need formal clothes?

The dress code on Siargao is definitely informal. Bathing suits are not recommended in town. You can have dinner at Patrick’s without shirt or in your bathing suit. Siargao people tend to be rather modest in public. You won’t see many people walking around town in bathing suits either.

What is the Island’s political system?

Siargao is a part of the Philippines but is run by the elected governor residing in Surigao City. Local affairs of each town (municipality of which Siargao has 9) is managed by the elected Mayor. Each town consists of several villages called Buranguy and the village is overseen by an elected Buranguy captain who settles disputes among the villagers.

What is the Weather like?

Generally 80°F to90°F, sunny with light trade winds. Expect rain in December and January.

Love and Romance? – Filipino Style.

Many Visitors have come to Siargao and to Patrick’s on the Beach and found their life time partner. One of the greatest positive points of filipina-pinay, is the fact that in the Philippines, your age difference is usually NOT a problem! In fact, to most ladies in the Philippines, and to their families, the belief and hope is that if you are an older gentleman, that you are much less likely to be a “playboy”, and also that you will take much better care of your fiancée. The oldest guest we had was 75 years old and he found his 21 year old sweet heart on Siargao Island.

The Filipina girls or Filipina women are world known for there stunning beauty. Filipinas are not only beautiful women but a delight to be around because of the famous Filipina disposition and personality. Many of our visitors who have married these Filipina beauties, swear they make the best wives in the world, not only beautiful, but loyal, loving and faithful past death. Andreas the owner of Patrick’s on is married to Elizabeth one of those beautiful Siargao Ladies. You will sense their wonderful and harmonious marriage when you visit Patrick’s on the Beach and get to know their 3 sons and one daughter – the fruits of their love.

Don’t worry if you are an older or overweight gentleman, like half the population of the western world. Women here have the highest respect for age and weight is a plus to some here. Most Filipinas prefer older and mature guys. Weather you are a male of female, Filipine people adore foreigners with a long nose, the longer the nose the more attractive you are to them. Many call the foreigners “long-nose”. Unfortunately they have a tremendous insecurity problem about their own flat noses and probably that’s why they like foreigners with a long nose. They love white skin, the whiter you are the better. Albino’s would probably do well here! Most foreigners believe nice, brown, sun kissed skin is beautiful….here is the complete opposite as it is common practice for the ladies and men to apply skin whitening cream to their faces and body. Dark skin is associated with the lower class (ie farmers, fisherman who are constantly exposed to the sun etc…).

Love and romance is serious business with conservative Filipino women. Romance and eventual marriage is a preoccupation, especially for young Filipina girls. But your average Filipina is cautious about how she conducts herself, especially in the provinces like Siargao Island, where every one knows everything about everyone. Most Filipino men love foreign white girls and a lot of the Foreign white girls love the slim, athletic physique and dark brown skin of the Filipino men.

Virginity is sacred in this Catholic country. Women are taught there virginity is a jewel. Filipino men are not interested in marrying a non virgin. In this culture the woman is responsible to not only herself but her family for protecting that virginity. Many are badly hurt by men who lie and promise marriage, with no intention of ever marrying them. They know the risk they are taking by trusting a man who want to have sex before marriage.
The Philippines seem like a neighborhood rather than a country. If a married or single woman strays, everyone knows it. Filipino men are reluctant to marry a non-virgin even if they are the one who took the virginity! If they could get them to break the rules maybe someone else can too. These young Filipina girls who stray, are called “soft noses,” in some areas.

So Filipina women know it is their responsibility to guard their virginity. If they don’t, they often pay a serious emotional and social price. If you are involved with a girl who is not a virgin in this culture, you are running the risk of getting involved with an emotionally unstable woman. She has broken the cultural rules and disobeyed her parents orders.

So when you come to Siargao respect their culture and don’t take advantage of the girls who fall in love so easily with a foreigner. They let you know right away in no uncertain terms that they want to commit themselves to you. Please remember always: “The Foundation of good Communication is Honesty!” If you look for romance and really want a partner for life in the Philippines do it right from the beginning and you will experience a life long joy.

When you visit Patrick’s on the Beach with the intention to find a partner for life let us know. Don’t be surprised when many ladies will want to meet with you. It is the dream of most ladies here to connect with a foreigner. People delight when you openly advertise that you are looking for a wife.

The Filipinos and Filipinas are communal, interdependent not independent. When you marry one you marry the family at least the mother and the father, the siblings too usually. That is trite, indeed, but true. Be sure that you can deal with what is expected, almost required, a right of the Filipino family whose child is married to a man, foreign or local. If you can’t let it be known from the start of your relationship with your Filipina. If she is a “true Filipina,” the relationship may not develop. If it does she may not be happy in it, but you will never know. Common sense is your best guide to finding a Filipina bride, a Filipina wife for life who is happy and you can make happier.
Selecting your partner for life is one of the most serious decisions you will ever make. So if you have that in mind, consider a trip here, as there is no better place for a vacation than this beautiful tropical island of Siargao. It could be the best expenditure of your time and money you ever make.