Kayak Rentals & Rates

There is hardly a more diverse place for kayaking than Siargao Islands. It offers countless prime destinations throughout all the Siargao Islands for the well skilled as well as for the beginner kayaker. Each destination is unique and breathtaking. Explore huge and small Mangrove Forests, some as big that you can get lost in the labyrinth of waterways and uninhabited mangrove islands. You may encounter crocodiles or view birds and other wild life. There are waterways that lead you to the interior of Siargao. You may journey to secluded islands, cruise along miles of reefs in crystal clear water or paddle along a coastline watching one spectacular scenery after another. You can set of your first expedition right from Patrick’s on the Beach paddle to Guyam or Dako Island or head to the mile long reef just 10 to 15 minutes paddle time and watch the many waves while listening to the roaring sound of dozens of waves breaking constantly.

We provide land and sea transport for you and your kayak to the many kayak destinations at a reasonable fee.

Sit on Top Tandem Fiberglass Sea Kayaks

Patricks on the beach Fiberglass Sea Kayaks

Our top of the line fiberglass tandem Kayaks are one of our most popular rentals; absolutely safe and unsinkable. They can be paddled solo or with two, or even three so it is the perfect kayak for the whole family. It comes with 2 sets of paddles and comfortable back rests, as standard. They have 3 water tide compartments to store camera, clothing, tent, food, and/or a cooler with cold drinks. It is well suited for your snorkeling and fishing trips.Rates: ½ day P850  -  Full Day P1500  -  3-days P3750  weekly P6500 – Package Rates available on request

Sit in Fiberglass Sea Kayaks.

Sit in Fiberglass Sea Kayaks.

These slick professional fiberglass Kayaks are fast, comfortable and easy to maneuver anywhere you like to go. They all have a watertight to store food, drinks and other essentials needed for your trip.Rates:  ½ day P600  – Full Day P1,000 – 3-days P2500   weekly P5,000 – Special Package Rates available on request

Plastic Single Sea Kayaks Sit in and Sit on


Our Economy Kayaks are easy to handle and offered at a rental price to fit any ones budget in order to enjoy a vacation full of activity and adventure.Rates:  ½ day P500  – Full Day P800 – 3-days P2000   weekly P4,000 – Package Rates available on request


NOTE: Discounted package rates available on request.