The surf in and amongst the Siargao group of Islands is truly awesome. The surfing season starts in August and continues trhrough to November, however, you can find a good wave any time of the year. The high season is in September & October at which time competitions are held at Siargao’s most famous break – Cloud 9.

In front and visible from Patrick’s on the Beach Resort are many good surfing spots suited for beginners and advanced. Our main local breaks are Cemetery and Dako. Cemetery is a swell magnet and a consistent left hander. Dako is a long, fun right hander with many different sections. From Patrick’s, it’s easy to tell what the conditions will be like at cloud 9 and elsewhere. Patrick’s on the Beach provides transport to all breaks. We have surfboards, body-boards, stand-up paddle boards, motorbikes, vans and boats. Everything you need is at your fingertips. Grab your board…lets go!

CLICK HERE for a list of SURF BREAKS around Siargao Island or take a look at our surf pics in our GALLERY.

| Rates |

We have a special boat rate if you wish to surf our local breaks – Cemetery or Dako. Our Captain will take you there even if your on your own!
Cemetery Surf Trip: P300 per person.
Dako Surf Trip: P400 per person.
If you have a group of 3 or more persons, the above rates will be even further discounted.

| Surf breaks around Siargao Island |

Local breaks close by to Patrick’s on the Beach

A left and right that breaks between a gap in the reef, directly in front of the General Luna cemetery and within walking distance from Patrick’s on the beach. Northeast to southeast swell is the best for this break with a southwest to west wind.

Right in front of Patrick’s on the Beach is Guyam Island. There are many breaks right behind Guyam Island. You pick and choose your own wave. No competition there to fight for the perfect ride. There is a mellow left hander off the island with a sharp reef north east to east swell with south to south west winds. Patrick’s pump-boat will take you there. About a five minute ride.

There are 2 right hand breaks, one at the top of the island and the other in the middle. They both like north to north east swell and south to south east winds. You will also find other breaks good for learners and body surfing.

Needs medium to large swell direct from the east to southeast with light, southwest to west wind. This wave looks like an up side down tear drop shaped barrel that runs down a reef. The wave jumps up out of the ocean from nowhere.

Right of the Beaches in Union is a beautiful beach break and perfect to surf during the winter season when the waves are blown out by wind at Cloud 9. It is also a great wave for beginners.

There are another 4 or 5  perfect breaks and many others around these islands. Mamon Island has a beach break that can give you rides of more than 150 meters. At Patrick’s we have regular trips to La-Janosa & Mamon Islands. We also offer overnight facilities in La-Janosa.

One of the most spectacular reef breaks hidden near the YoHoHo Islands. A long, fast right hander that consistently barells on the right tide.

The allure & attraction of surfing the Cloud 9 break at Siargao Island in the Philippines.
A barreling right hander that is one of the most well-known breaks world wide. A long jetty takes you right to this amazing break where thousands of spectators can watch the skills of the world’s top surfers during the International Surfing Competition that is held annually in September/October.

Just around the corner from Cloud 9 is Tuason Point . A very hard breaking left that jumps up 200 yards off shore and comes in and runs down over a shallow rocky reef, with great big holes. This is a very powerful and hard breaking wave. Wave selection is crucial at this break, 4 foot and over is the best.

A jacking peak that explodes on to a shallow reef, then tapers off and then reforms on the inner reef, mainly breaks right, with a short left, good to surf at 2` to 7` foot, medium to high tide is about the best time to surf.

Other Breaks around the island

A fast barreling left that run along a reef then turn right and runs into deep water, best with no wind or a light south west breeze, It is in viewing distance from the beach. There is a right and left hander 150 m to the north of Poo Shooter`s and you can paddle across from Jacking Horse or hire a boat.

A short boat ride from Cloud 9 can take you out to Rock Island, Stimpy’s. A first class lefthander that wraps around a small island into a cove. Fun under 4 foot, but becomes a lot harder breaking over that size but still perfect breaking. Great tube and will handle large swells. Accessible only by boat, viewing distance from shore with binoculars.

An excellent right hander that peels and barrels for 200 yards off Rock Island. Best with no wind low to medium tide and can hold swells up to double over head. Accessible only by boat, viewing distance from shore with binoculars.

A right hand reef break just south of Pilar inside the river mouth of Pilar, near Santa Fe, best at low to medium tide, south to south west wind. Fun right hander at 2 to 4 foot but will hold larger swells.

There are 2 left breaks; one breaks in front of the wharf of Pilar and the other breaks close to the township of Pilar.

This awesome left barrel breaks on a jagged reef ledge, east to north east swell is the best, protected from north west to south west winds which are off shore.

A world class left that breaks down and along a reef & rocky ledge. This is a long barreling left and towards the end a hotdog section. Patrick’s offers boat or van trips to Pacifico

There are many more breaks stretching right up the east coast to Pilar, Pacifico, Burgos & Alegria. Secret spots.