This is by far one of the most exotic and exciting trips in the entire Philippines.
You will experience a journey that feels like you are going back to the 18th century!

This all day adventure trip includes fabulous food and drinks, use of Kayaks, Skorkel Gear, Paddle Boards, Tour Guides and Boats.


Includes fabulous food and drinks and use of kayaks, tour guides and boats

2 Pax P5,500 per person

3 pax is P4,750 per person

4 to 5 pax is P3,750 per person

6 and more P2,950 per person

“This is by far the most exotic and exciting trip in the entire Philippines.”

You will experience a journey that feels like you are going back to the 18th century.

It is a discovery and expedition trip that you will never forget. We will bring you to an enchanted place where Life never changed since hundreds of years ago.  The YoHoHo Lagoons, Caves & Islands was indeed the Pirates hideaway and when you get there you wonder if they are still around. A few very friendly fishing families calling this labyrinth of pristine uninhabited islands, lagoons, coves, jungles mountains, caves, white sand beaches and mangrove forest their home. Legend has it that they are the descendents of the pirates.  You wouldn’t know when you meet them; they are so loving kind and friendly and welcoming the visitors with a big smile.

There are still many caves which have not been discovered. Recently our tour guide Nettie found a large cave with remains of human bones. The lush jungle type vegetation is home for many birds and wild life. Palm trees overhanging the white sand beaches mirror itself in the crystal clear turquoise and blue waters.  Plenty colorful fish can be seen everywhere around the reefs and corals.  Unless you have seen it for yourself this amazing place you would never imagine that a place like this still exists.

Our happy YoHoHo Crew  will spoil you to the brim with plenty of YoHoHo Mango Rum and other drinks from beer to fruit punch or rum punch. A many course pirates lunch feast  that includes grilled fish in banana leaves, garlic rice, salads, sea foods (Kinilaw (fresh raw fish seasoned with Siargao spices, jelly fish, crabs, sea urchin, clams), chicken, some pork and other mouth watering dishes will be the icing on the cake for this whole day of adventure and fun activity.

This all inclusive fun and adventure trip includes stand-up surf boards, kayaks & snorkel gear. A one to two hour guided tour to the surrounding islands, beaches, mangrove forest and caves will enchant you that you never want to leave this paradise. No doubt the memories of this adventure trip will stay with you for a lifetime.

This is an all inclusive journey

              “Come with us and meet the YoHoHo Pirates”